About RiskonQ

Your trusted partner in operational risk mitigation

As a focused risk management firm working with major financial institutions to enhance your processes, systems, and frameworks, we help you simplify and build smart solutions designed to free you of operational risk management responsibilities.

The strategies and support we implement are sustainable and far-reaching, correcting current compliance deficiencies or weaknesses and providing the processes and tools to keep risks at bay in the future.

With RiskOnQ as your ORM partner, you benefit from:

Rather than looking at a single issue (regulatory risk, technology risk, conduct risk, etc.), we examine your business, technology, and operations as a whole to make recommendations that will help the entire business run more smoothly.

No two issues are alike, which is why we never make guarantees about time or investment upfront. Instead, we examine every issue thoroughly, create a strategic plan of approach, and make recommendations based on your unique operational risks.

You’ll never be recommended managed services just for the sake of it; we provide consultation and strategy services to help you understand your issues and empower you to implement fixes on your own.

Naeem Qasim

Founder & CEO

Naeem’s goal with RiskOnQ is simple – provide his clients with the highest quality risk management practices to elevate their firm’s value.

Naeem has created and led diverse teams responsible for successfully solving unique and complex problems in large financial institutions over two decades. He has been trusted by C-level leaders to architect the strategy and lead the execution plans to solve large regulatory matters. Through these roles, he has accomplished remediation in record time while building teams from scratch, developing new software and making meaningful changes to corporate culture.

Naeem prides himself on developing brave, bold and innovative risk solutions that enhance firms’ capabilities and achieve real business value. By getting to know your business, operations, processes, people and systems, Naeem crafts a unique approach to alleviate current risks and mitigate any future risk in a simple, sustainable way.

Outside of his work with financial firms, Naeem is a huge sports fan, and you can typically find him watching and playing basketball or golf.  He’s a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, traveling and getting in a round of golf with friends.  

How We Help

Whether your firm will benefit from consulting, managed services, or mentoring to help understand and implement the right solutions on your own, our team will help.

Our deep domain expertise in operational risk management, with in-depth business, operations, and technology acumen, has helped major financial organizations remediate the increased risks and costs associated with operational risk management.