Risk Management Mentoring

Gain the necessary knowledge and tools to understand and combat operational risk within your organization

Ready to take your firm’s wellness into your own hands?

RiskOnQ offers both one-on-one and team mentoring, helping you to build your risk management knowledge and become a champion and supporter of the Operational Risk Management discipline.

Mentoring services catered to your needs

Whether you’re a beginner, a student, an advisor, or a C-Suite executive, our mentoring services are aligned with your unique needs and inquiries.

Your needs will guide the mentoring partnership, as we build a plan to help you understand the most important Operational Risk Management (ORM) topics in your field, from technology to process to employee management.


Need more direct support to protect your financial firm?

Leverage our decades of experience identifying and right-sizing complex risk exposures with our managed service offerings, customized to your unique internal needs.

Freelance Consulting

Sometimes unforeseen issues need immediate action. We offer freelance consulting services on an as-needed basis, so you have peace of mind that when an event arises, we are here to help.